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Bichon Frise Club of Puget Sound

How to Join the BFCPS
Membership applications may be obtained at any club meeting or by contacting the club secretary. A prospective member shall attend one club meeting before applying for membership.

Membership dues are payable when you join and each June.
Club Meetings
Members meet every 2 months in February, April, June (in conjunction with Bichons in the Park), August (at the Enumclaw All Breed Dog Show), October and December.

For specific date, time and place please email either the club secretary or the corresponding secretary.

Club Officers and Email Links

President                                  Chuck Watts              
Vice President                         Marta Langmeyer
Secretary                                 Robyn Orvos                     
Treasurer                                 Vicki Hobbs
Corresponding Secretary:     Colleen McGrath          

Bichon Frise Rescue
We are dedicated to preserving the health, welfare and lives of the Purebred Bichon Frise.  If you know of a dog that needs assistance, or if you are an owner who needs to find a new home for your dog, please contact the Bichon Frise Rescue.  Our local contact is Sherry Watts at  


Bichons in the Park Pictures of the 2003 Bichons in the Park!
Pictures of the 2004 Bichons in the Park!
Perhaps you have noticed that bichons readily know the difference between dogs and bichons.  They seem to be able to spot (smell?) their own breed very quickly.  They also seem to enjoy playing with other bichons.

To allow the dogs and their owners some 'family' time, the BFCPS sponsors a Bichon's Day at the Park each year.  This is a fun day with a variety of contests including best costume, best dog trick, and longest tail.  Everyone brings  a brown bag lunch.  After lunch the dogs and their people get to mingle.


BFCPS sponsored "B" and Fun Match
Each year the BFCPS sponsors an outdoor "B" match.  This AKC sanctioned event allows dogs to get some 'ring' experience and lets club members learn from one another.

Pictures of the 2004 Bichons "B" and Fun Match

This year the event is scheduled for July 18, 2004 at Isaac Evans Park in Auburn, WA.

See and print the Flyer and a Map.

You can also get a customized map at


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